How to Get a Networking Interview

If you have looked at my profile you will no doubt be struck by the large number of networking events I have been to as well as the number of networking contacts that I have made. Although I try to persuade people to send me links to networking events as an enticement for attending, I still get quite a few who just send me a link to an article or behind the scenes look at how great a network you have.

Networking is clearly very important and I have even become much more comfortable over the last few years using my networking groups. I now just follow the attendees who have followed me on LinkedIn into my inbox.

Here are my suggestions for effective networking:



First of all, don’t be afraid to send somebody a link to an article or the site that published it. Networking is all about the link exchange. If you are not comfortable about giving someone an inside tip, for example by asking them for aidences in a specific industry or space. Why not ask them for aidences all companies in a particular sector. It doesn’t have to be a huge industry or be about your favorite career choice.

Start by sending the Company Rep’s portfolio to them. If they are a representative of the company and regularly see you in LinkedIn, ask them to invite you to a networking event. If you are a manager at a company, sending your manager a link to an article he or she wrote will most likely get them to return the favor.

Reps, managers, and other Executive level job seekers can also be found by using LinkedIn search. For example, if you are looking foriversity manager jobs, you can search for ” diversity managers “. If you are looking for ABP or Finance Manager jobs, you can search for ” finance managers”.

It is easy to follow an industry or company on LinkedIn. You can also connect to celebrities using this link as well as celebrities and sports personalities.

You must be careful to keep your profile professional and you should not include anything that would be inappropriate for your professional role such as photos of you semi-naked or other such unprofessional content.

Make sure that you are relevant to the job you are trying to get. And when you meet people, try to maintain a professional demeanor and also take the time to solely focus on them using the phrase “person”. Try to not to brag or go overboard in trying to get a meeting with the manager. And finally, make sure that you leave your contact information in the profile. Make sure that you also leave a message that you will respond to after you get the call.

I almost had the worst nightmare last night. A former colleague called me extremely excited regarding a project I was working on. When I answered the phone he said, “Oh, I am so excited. You should talk to me soon because I am trying to get an interview with XYZ company.”

I tried to be calm and told him that I am so sorry to hear that you are so interested in a job with our company. I assured him that I am looking forward to talking to you.

He grew even more nervous and said that he is in HR and he has a friend at XYZ who is trying to get hired. I told him that I am actually in HR and I love interviewing candidates. I told him that I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t talk to him.

He told me that he would call me back Tuesday morning. I told him that I would try to call him back Tuesday after I eat breakfast. We left each of us a untouchedr in the morning and I called my friend that I left a message for. The first person I called was her husband.

“Layne, I have made it to the bottom line. I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving. Please keep me in your thoughts and I am so sorry I am leaving. You will always have my love.