How to Become a Successful Photographer

Have you been thinking about a career in the photography industry? If so, you are probably wondering what it takes to become a successful photographer. I have been involved with the photography industry since I was 19 years old. Volunteering to take pictures of my family and friends has been on my list of daily activities for over 3 decades. During the week I run circles around taking pictures of the surroundings around my home and the people I love. On weekends I have been known to carouse with abandon!

There are many ways you can break into the photography industry. Perhaps you have degrees in fine arts or advertising. Many companies view these abilities as extensions of their own.

Everyone who has taken photography as a hobby has probably seen the places like Sears, Wal-Mart, and Compolea Pictures. Volunteering to take pictures of these stores has prepared me well for workshops and portfolio making. These stores are always looking for new artistic talent.

The denim store is a favorite among many denim enthusiasts. It is difficult to photograph this store because the denim is such a special product. The stores that allow the consumer to touch the denim are much more memorable. During workshops I always try to get the consumer to remember the great things about the store with a photograph.

One of the most memorable photographs I have ever taken was of a sailboat riding lazily along the beach. A steady rain had just cleared the view to the ocean and the sailboat was being shadowed by the cotton candy pinkies. I had not planned on taking the picture but it ended up being much more memorable than I intended. That is because the photographer I had planned to contact decided the photograph had to be worth pursuing.

Also, I had a very good memory in those days. Often I would forget what I had written on a piece of paper and would have to call a friend to help me remember. Also, I was working a lot of strange hours and was often drunk, so there was no need to plan ahead!

There are a lot of resources to help you look for a photography job. Many websites offer a job database where you can enter your information and it is likely that hundreds of photographers will be able to show you what they have to offer. Keep in mind that not all photographers areDigital Solution Labs.

exists a little spiral notebook jointsmail list. You can add your resume to the list and it will be forwarded to 100’s of hiring managers. You can send out a mass mailed resume, but a tailored resume to each company you are interested in working for is more professional and will increase your chances of being noticed.

While waiting for the phone to ring, you should also consider developing a personal website. Your website should include photos you have taken and should serve as a blue paper Introduction to my Photography Companyand one of your many social pages.

ConclusionMany people are blindsided by the photography lighting field. If you want to succeed in the photography industry, it is always important to be in the know. Jot down a few of your recent successes and techniques you have used. When you are talking to a potential employer about employment, there are certain expectations that need to be met. Be aware of those expectations and if you provide too much information too soon, you may find yourself disemployed.

As you can see, being prepared is essential when you are looking for a new job. It is nice to have a background in photography, but you must be willing to learn other aspects as well. Learning new skills will provide you with a confidence and start the day of your first job, you will be that much more prepared for your first interview.